2013-Illinois Geothermal Conference

Hello friends:

We’re in full stride preparing for the third Illinois Geothermal Conference in Collinsville, March 11-12, 2013.  As you know, we had held successful conferences in the past two years, including last year with a registration of 266. This year we’re hoping to top that with more than 300 attendees. With your help we’ll get there.

This is a request for sponsors/vendors for our show…. We are reaching out to the sponsors and vendors who supported GAOI last year. The setup is very similar to last year’s arrangement and costs are pretty much the same this year. To make it easy,  you can complete EVERYTHING electronically, including making an electronic payment for your sponsorship/booth space/etc. Of course, if it’s more convenient, we can also invoice you or you can just send in your registration info with a check, the old-fashioned way. Whatever works best for you is great for us!

All the links and information you need to complete your sponsor/exhibitor registration can be found at gaoi.org.  Click either of the red colored links on the homepage to access the conference information.  If you have any difficulty, please feel free to contact me.

The Geothermal Alliance of Illinois is working with Workforce Network and the State of Illinois, again on this year’s Illinois Geothermal Conference. The funding can be used to support registration for the conference. The net effect is that anyone approved for the funding can attend this year’s conference, essentially, at no cost. (Those who accessed last year’s Workforce incentive cannot repeat this year.)

Those attending the conference should register as they normally would. The early bird, member registration price is $125. The early bird, non-member registration is $200.

Thanks again for your strong support of GAOI and our industry. We greatly appreciate all that you do and hope you’ll be with us in Collinsville.

John Freitag
Executive Director
Geothermal Alliance of Illinois
PO Box 3787
Springfield, IL 62712

Direct: 217.241.7973
Iphone: 217.971.3533
Office: 217.529.5561
E-mail: jfreitag@aiec.coop