A Dream Comes True

A Dream Comes True…..
About 5 years ago, I start thinking about how to make Geo-thermal more affordable. The obvious step was to speed up drilling and, most importantly for me for slightly selfish reasons, make the whole area clean during this process. Working with our prototype clean drilling machine, everything turned out even dirtier than using a typical machine. But, slowly by perfecting the process, two years later we have accomplished this goal.
The first “Clean Drilling System” machine called GES – 01! Small, compact, and based on Case combination backhoe loader, this machine was perfect for small- and medium-sized jobs. But, for large jobs where the drilling process must start on a larger scale, it was way too small. With two international trucks serving as its base, our new Drilling machine drove up to its first job two weeks ago. Now, we finally have everything for Geo-Thermal…
Wait. Why are we calling it Geo-Thermal if Geo-Thermal uses hot water springs, and steam comes from geysers? In our case, we use the temperature of the earth’s crust, which is approximately constant. This permanent temperature is the basis of our process, so why we can’t use the name Geo-Perm instead.
Geologically Permanent Crust Temperature – in short Geo-Perm. Certainly a multi-million dollar industry can afford its own name. But that’s not the point of this story. So, where was I? Ah yes, the large Drilling machine is finally done and drilling. Drilling Clean, drilling Fast, saving Water and Money. And CDS is alive and well. Very soon we can present publicly for the first time the working horse of Geo-Perm industry – a machine designed for Geo-Perm, where the working area is Clean, where the Operators are Dry and Clean, and where we save tremendous amounts of clean water. Combination Drilling Rig – CDS – 100A. Even today some dreams come true.

By Walter F. Bochenek of Green Energy Solutions U.S., Inc.