Become a Member

Membership in GAOI is available to small and large residential geo contractors, mechanical contractors, distributors, manufacturers, utilities, loop installers, and scholars or “friends” of the association.

Core members include installing contractors, loop installers, manufacturers and distributors and utilities.

Memberships categories and dues:

  • Manufacturers – $1,200
  • Supplier/Distributors – $600
  • Drilling Contractor/Loop Installer – $400
  • Mechanical Contractors – $400
  • Installing Residential Contractors-Small (less than 5 installers/technicians) – $300
  • Installing Residential Contractors-Large (dealers with 5 or more installers/technicians) – $400
  • Investor-Owned Utility $750
  • Cooperative/Municipal Utility-Small (<5,000 meters) – $150
  • Cooperative/Municipal Utility-Large – $300
  • Designer/Engineer/Architect – $300
  • Associate Member (for a company or individual who doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria of other membership classification, but is identified with the industry and is in good standing $150.

Lastly, there are several “no charge” memberships.

  • An educational or scholars membership is extended to teachers and instructors interested in advancing the knowledge of the geo industry. This is a non-voting membership category.
  •  There is also a “Friend of the Industry” membership class given to individuals not directly connected with the industry, but interested in promoting geothermal technology in the marketplace. This membership class is also non-voting.
  • There is an honorary membership conferred as a mark of respect on individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the industry and/or the GAOI. This class is also non-voting.

To become a member contact Kathy Ridley at