Certified Geothermal Designer (CGD) class

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Instructor: Ed Lohrenz, B.E.S., CGD of GEOptimize, Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

A block of rooms has been reserved at Stoney Creek Inn, 101 Mariners Way, East Peoria, IL. Call 309-694-1300 for reservations and ask for the GAOI rate/room block.
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Designing a ground heat exchanger (GHX) is not like designing a conventional HVAC system. A GeoExchange designer is responsible for the energy source of the system much like the utility is responsible for designing the gas wells and pipelines delivering gas to the furnace or boiler, or designing a cooling tower rather than simply selecting one from a catalogue. 

The workshop describes a design process that demonstrates the importance of accurate energy modeling on the configuration, size and cost of a GHX and geothermal system. It shows the influence a designer can have on the feasibility of constructing a geothermal system using an iterative design process and working closely with the entire building design team in an integrated design.

Here is a link to IGSHPA’s website, which describes the certification process and eligibility requirements:


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