Four GAOI members named to IDPH Closed Loop Certification Board

Six geothermal professionals, including four members of the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois (three of them GAOI board members) have been appointed to the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Closed Loop Well Contractors Certification Board. The group includes:

*Dominique Durbin of Durbin Geothermal, Farina, and vice president of the GAOI board of directors;

*Lonny Hoover of Illinois Geothermal Engineering, Urbana, and past president of the GAOI board and current director:

*Ryan Kerry of Great Lakes Geothermal, Elburn, and current GAOI director:

*Jim Layten of  Kickapoo Drilling, Downs, and GAOI member;

*Harold Albrecht of Ohio, IL, and George Gaffke of Mundelein.

The appointments were made by the Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. The board will serve until October 31, 2013. The six-member group will represent the geothermal loop installation industry of Illinois and the state as advisors to IDPH. The board was created by state law earlier this year and will advise/assist IDPH in establishing the testing/credentialing of geothermal verticle loop installers. The board’s first meeting is next month.