GAOI at the Illinois State Fair

John Freitag, GAOI Executive Director, and Gary Hurley, Board Member from Springfield CWLP, helped prepare the GAOI exhibits at the fairgrounds.

Look for the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois at this year’s Illinois State Fair.

The GAOI will be part of the Illinois Energy Expo in combination with the Energy Education Council and a number of other Land of Lincoln energy-related organizations. There is a GAOI-sponsored geothermal unit providing some cooling in the EEC tent. GAOI leaders are working the exhibit during the fair and we’ll have educational information on hand promoting geothermal heating and cooling — the most efficient way to operate!

¬†Stop by and see GAOI at this year’s fair. We’ll be at the Illinois Energy Expo on the lawn of the Emerson Building at the fairgrounds. It’s at the southeast corner of Main Street and Central Avenue — just to the right of the stop sign (the first one inside the Main Gate, for those entering the fairgrounds onto Main Street.


GAOI leaders were on hand for the opening of the IL State Fair on Friday morning, August 10. Acting DCEO Director David Vaught cut the ribbon opening the Illinois Energy Expo. From left are GAOI’s Chad Mayes, Director John Freitag, DCEO’s Vaught, GAOI’s Jeff Hurst, DCEO Energy Office Director Agnes Mrozowski, GAOI’s Chris Smith and Dan Crowe, DCEO Asst. Energy Manager Aly Grady, GAOI’s Gary Hurley and DCEO Recycling Division’s David Ross.