GAOI leaders provide training for SIU Edwardsville construction management class

GAOI leaders Chris Smith and Dom Durbin join Dr. Jie Gong and his class of construction management students at SIU Edwardsville on April 20.

GAOI directors Dominique Durbin and Chris Smith provided real-world training for more than 40 future construction managers recently at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. The two provided an Earth Day (April 20) lecture on geothermal heating and cooling for the class of Dr. Jie Gong. The students are mainly college juniors in Dr. Gong’s class on construction management. Dr. Gong and many of the students are new members of GAOI.

“We greatly appreciate this real-world experience from Chris and Dom. My students really learned a lot of geothermal installation. Durbin told the students that he someday hopes to be installing loops on construction projects that they are heading up. Smith provided an overview of geothermal heating/cooling system operations and Durbin focuses on loop installation and challenges and opportunities for contractors and consumers with geothermal.