Pre-Illinois Geothermal Conference seminar for utility professionals and others

*** NEW Pre-Conference Training ***

March 11, 2013
1-6 pm
Gateway Center, Collinsville (same location as conference)


Sponsored by:

Geothermal Exchange Organization

Water Furnace International


Connor Co./Climatemaster

Geothermal Alliance of Illinois


This pre-conference seminar is designed for investor-owned, municipal and cooperative utility professionals who want to learn more about geo and establishing successful geothermal marketing programs. While designed for utility professionals, the sessions are not limited to that group – anyone interested in the agenda is invited to register and participate.


Registration $30 per participant.  To register for the pre-conference seminar Click Here.


Pre-Conference Agenda

* Geothermal Barriers, Opportunities and Utility Partnerships – Chris Smith, Enertech Global

* Utility Geo Programs – Rebates, Rates and Other … what works best? – Paul Bony, ClimateMaster

* Financing and loop lease options – Will Lange, WaterFurnace International

* Building the Contractor Infrastructure in your area … developing a larger, better HVAC/home builder/auditor contractor network – Sam Flannery, Building Science Academy


* Case Study: Building the ultimate successful new home/geothermal program … Tri-County Electric Cooperative’s Certified Comfort Home program. – Bruce Barkau, Tri-County Electric Cooperative


* Commissioning new homes – Monitoring, Measuring and Verifying … the new landscape in our industries. – Brian Kumer, Thermal Imaging Services/BuildRIGHT Illinois Inc.