Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center

Quote from Dick Shelton, former director of Facilities Services at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center:
“I can only say positive things about the geothermal system that we installed in the Cancer Center. We originally had the old style heat pump system with resistance heater strips. We conditioned 10,000 sq. ft. at an average cost of $8,500 per year.  The new system is averaging $100/month, or $1,200 annually to condition the same space. Maintenance has been practically nonexistent on the new system; the space is comfortable year around and we have not received any complaints from the occupants. This is a rare occurrence in my profession. I cannot say enough about this system. It achieved the desired results and has exceeded my expectations.”

The hospital’s new 9,200 square foot Cancer Center is conditioned with a vertical loop retrofit geothermal system.

System tonnage: 20
Estimated incremental system payback: 6.01 years

Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
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